Portable Information Cabinets (USB Flash Drives)

When connected to an Analytical Engine via a USB port, the Portable Information Cabinets are cunningly devised to maintain a library of algorithmic and documentary files which may be accessed in an instant!

Steampunk USB Flash Drives - Portable Information Cabinets!They are hand-crafted from sturdy English oak and finished to a professional standard with several coats of shellac. The brass and copper appurtenances are also constructed entirely from sheet, rod and bar stock, and finished to a high standard. Where wheels, cocks, levers and pistons are fitted they operate as one would expect. The capacity gauges illuminate to indicate communication with the host Analytical Engine.

Unfortunately I have, as yet, been unsuccessful in fitting a live steam boiler.

Models are currently available with 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB capacity.

Minotaur 8GB USB Flash Drive

The Portable Information Cabinet featured as a 'work in progress' in the BBC's report on White Mischief's Great Exhibition was duly launched and christened 'The Minotaur'.

Although the Minotaur has now been delivered to its new owner, I have such fond feelings toward it that I made a small movie to remind me of it...